Clan MacNicol has since the early 1980s provided members with information, updates and stories through early computer based newsletters published in Australia which later becameThe Southern Cross newsletter. North America's newsletter,Scorrybreac, started a few years later and provided new Clan members all over the continent with great information regarding their MacNicol heritage.  The Federation is proud that both of these newsletters are award winning layouts thanks in part to the hard work of designers Katrina Nicolson ofThe Southern Crossand Ken Nicoll ofScorrybreacwho provide a great deal of volunteer time to make these publications the envy of many other Clans. Thanks is also extended to Murray Nicolson and Jeremy Nicholson who provide years of experience in editing content which is published in both newsletters as well as a newsletter distributed in the United Kingdom by David Nicolson in Edinburgh. 

The Southern Crossis published three times per year, andScorrybreacis published twice per year. The Newsletters provided here are a sample for your enjoyment, but to see past and future editions, you'll need to join the Clan Society in your area!  Join today to see the latest news and information.  

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