Suggested Reading



These books have been carefully selected to enhance your personal knowledge of Scotland, Scots in the diaspora, genealogy and DNA.  Let us know if you are aware of a book that should be added to this collection.


The Nicholson Family Library The works of the Canon Nigel Nicholson
Irish Gravestone Inscriptions A guide to over 900 graveyards in Ulster, Northern Ireland
Finding Your Irish Ancestors A beginners guide to researching Irish family history 
The Seven Daughters of Eve Best seller that reveals we all are descended from seven prehistoric women
Adam's Curse Author Bryan Sykes examines the Y chromosome and the possibility of male extinction
Saxons, Vikings and Celts Leading geneticist Bryan Sykes explores the genetic roots of Britain and Ireland
Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland An ethnography of the Gael, A.D. 500-1750
The Clans, Septs and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands 1934 A scarce antiquarian book from Kessinger Publishing reprint series
The Surnames of Scotland A book on the origins, meaning and history of Scottish surnames
All New Surnames of Ireland 200 Family location maps and Histories
The Silver Chief: Lord Selkirk and the Scottish Pioneers of Belfast, Baldoon and Red River How Lord Selkirk helped relocate Scottish Highlanders to Canada
Great Scots! How the Scots Created Canada  
How the Scots Invented the Modern World The true story of how Europe's poorest nation contributed to our modern world and everything in it