Murdo's Well

(Tobar Mhurchaidh)

Murdo’s Well, inscribed, “To the Glory of God and in grateful memory of those of Clan Nicolson who died for their countries in the cause of justice.”


Murdo Nicolson, who built the Cairn, also built the well in memory of his uncle and those who fell in wars in the service of their country.

Murdo Nicolson, BEM, was born in Bayfield in Portree and lived in the town until he left to join the Marine Commandos during the War.  After the War, he spent several years at sea, then joined the Highland Light Infantry, where he rose to the rank of Colour Sergeant-Major.  Over his 25 years in the regiment, he served in many countries of the world.  He was fiercely proud of the Clan’s purchase of the land of Ben Chracaig, and worked on it tirelessly until his untimely death in 1997.