Arms of the Chief

Norman Alexander Nicolson matriculated arms with the Lord Lyon King of Arms in 1934.  The arms granted were: 'Or, a chevron between three hawks' heads erased Gules'; the Crest 'a hawk's head erased Gules'; and the Mottoes 'SGORR-A-BHREAC' above the Crest, and 'GENEROSITATE NON FEROCITATE' below the Shield.  The Chief's coat of arms was significantly enhanced in 1998 by the addition of Supporters: 'two Highland warriors of the early fourteenth century Proper, holding in their exterior hands spears paleways Gules, the spearheads Or'.   The Motto above the Crest was revised to 'SCORRYBREAC'  and the Motto below the Shield to 'MEMINISSE SED PROVIDERE' (Remember but look ahead). 

The spears in the new coat of arms commemorate the intervention of MacNicol and his spearmen in support of Edward Bruce, inaugurated High King of Ireland in 1316, at the siege of Carrickfergus Castle in that country in that year.

Armorial Bearings of MacNeacail of MacNeacail and Scorrybreac

In addition to the changes made to the chief's coat of arms in 1998, a Pinsel (small banner) was added, and, on the Standard, Pinsel and compartment, a plant badge 'a slip of bramble in flower Proper'.  

The Standard of the Chief

The Pinsel

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