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Scotland: Individual Membership

Scotland: Family Membership

Annual membership costs are £20.00 for Seniors and Singles, and £45.00 for a family (2 adults and all children under 18) with a £5.00 joining fee (one-time)

1.  Select one of the membership blocks above and fill in the requested information.  This gets us your information in advance and sets up an initial account on the website for you, which will allow you access to the Journals and library on the site once you have been activated.
2.  Download the Membership Application Form.  When complete, and banking actions have been initiated, email the completed form or mail it to Moira Stewart ([email protected]).  
Once you have submitted your application and payment has been received from your bank, Moira will request that access to the membership areas of the website be granted.

Any person bearing the name MacNicol in any of its various spellings, any person descendent from a person bearing the MacNicol name in any of its variations, to include the spouse and family members.  Any person who wishes to be a friend of the Clan MacNicol and acknowledges the recognizes John MacNeacail of MacNeacail and Scorrybreac as the Chief of the Clan.

1. To establish, maintain and foster contact with other Clan MacNicol organisations throughout the world.
2. To inform members of Clan MacNicol about Scottish history and heritage.
3. To foster good works and charitable activities related to our Scottish ancestry.
4. To encourage participation in Scottish activities such as Highland Games or special gatherings.
5. To manage ancestral lands owned or cared for by the Clan and to manage the assets of the organisation.

1. Members will receive a copy of the Scorrybreac Journal every six months and receive a copy of the Clan History upon release.  
2. Members will bbe afforded access to the archive of Scorrybreac Journals as well as the full collection of the Southern Cross, the journal of Clan MacNicol in Australia and New Zealand.
3. Members will be given access to a library of documents on the site for doing personal research.

ABOUT CLAN MACNICOL SCOTLANDClan Lands at Ben Chracaig on Skye
We hope that you will join the UK branch of the Clan MacNeacail Society of Scotland and take up the opportunity of kinship, exchange of genealogy and information, and experience for yourself the deep sense of homecoming when you visit the lands of your forbears.

Our branch meet on Skye once a year to raise( in Spring), or lower( in Autumn), the flag at our memorial on Scorrybreac, when we tend to our lands and enjoy the social gathering.  Our A.G.M. is held in a more central location in Scotland.  We encourage all members to come and share some time with their kith and kin!

For further information and membership forms, visit the Clan MacNeacail Society of Scotland Offical Page, or contact the President of Clan MacNeacail Scotland,  Donnie Nicolson who will be pleased to deal with any inquiries. 

The cairn on Ben Chracaig
The cairn on Ben Chracaig