Donate to Historic Clan Lands

You are invited to become a Friend of Scorrybreac Lands (FoSL), and help preserve and maintain this beautiful tract of land for all to enjoy. You may do so by committing a donation of at least £50 a year, or its equivalent in your local currency.  You don't have to be a clan member & we welcome contributions from anyone interested in preserving the Scorrybreac Lands. Use the payment methods to the right by choosing the $500.00 default amount or choose an amount you wish to donate.  If you prefer to mail in a donation, follow the instructions below.


Download PDF Form

How to join the Friends 

  1. Send a cheque as follows:
    • In Great Britain, payable to Urras Clann MacNeacail, to Moira Stewart, Treasurer, Herdsbrae, Denny Road, Whins of Milton, Sterling Fk7 8HG, Scotland
    • In the USA, payable to Scorrybreac Fund Inc, to William Nicholson Treasurer, 40 Beverley Road, Natick, MA 01760
    • In Canada, payable to Clan MacNicol Canada, to Jacques McNicoll, Treasurer, 202 Rue Berlioz, Apt 203, Verdun QC H3E 1B8.
    • In Australia, payable to "Nicolson", to Mal Nicolson, P.O. Box 243, Gymea, NSW 2227, Australia.
    • In New Zealand, payable to Clan MacNicol Dunedin, to Lyn Nicholson, Treasurer. 131 Highcliff Road, Shiel Hill, Dunedin, New Zealand
  2. Send a note to Mal Nicolson letting him know of your contribution and requesting that he add you to the names of the Friends of Scorrybreac Lands. You will be listed in the clan newsletters if you wish, and receive an annual report of the activity and expenditures on the land. Email [email protected].

Please join us and add to the list of Friends! If you prefer, you can download/print this information in PDF form, rather than fill it out online.