The Legend of The Fairy Cattle

J.G. Nicholson, in his book, told the legend of the Fairy Cattle:  The lands of Scorrybreck are associated with one of the legends of Skye folklore.  The crodh sith, or fairy cattle, used to swim across from Raasay to enjoy the grazing of the succulent pastures on the slopes of Scorrybreck.  If anyone chanced to observe them he hastened to lift some of the soil from a churchyard and throw it between them and the sea.  This formed a sacred barrier which prevented the recall of the fairy owners being heard.  The cattle were unable to return until they had heard the signal, and so had to remain and were joined to the herds on the island, being regarded as a valuable addition to the farmers' stock.  Unfortunately, history does not relate how many were added to the Skye herds.