Myth and Legend

  • MacNicol and the line of Ithe - This is an ancient legend showing a connection of the MacNicol Chiefs to Ithe, son of King Breogan of Galicia, Spain.  The story is extracted from John O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees, or The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation.  This book provides pedigrees for almost all the major Irish surnames and some of the Scottish Clans.  It makes a concerted effort to accomplish what the Old Testament does for the People of Israel, to provide a geneaology back to Adam and Eve.  While this much of this geneology cannot be confirmed and much is missing, some of the legend begins to line up with factual persons in the MacNicol Chiefly line.

  • Tales, Sketches and Traditions of the Gael - A story of Donachadh Dvbh Gruamachft, a chief of Clan MacNicol in Argyll.  As the Campbell Clan has often claimed a line of MacNicols as a Sept, this story may be related to members who came to settle and dwell in Argyll.