Clan Crest Badge

The Clansman Crest Badge is the top portion of the Chief's Coat of Arms surrounded by a strap and buckle.  Clansman and women are authorized to own and display the MacNicol Clan badge, but the crest itself (the hawk on the wreath and motto) is the exclusive property of the Chief of Clan MacNicol. This article further explains the wear of Scottish Crest Badges.

The motto within the strap of the Crest was revised to SCORRYBREAC from the Gaelic words SGORRA BHREAC meaning "grey ridge".  Since the reestablishment of the Clan, there have been numerous versions of the clan badge marketed commercially with the early use of SGORRA BHREAC and SGORR-A-BHREAC in the motto.  Visit our Clan Store to purchase an official Clan MacNicol Crest Badge.

Members of the Clan and friends of the Clan who show allegiance to the Chief of Clan MacNeacail are authorized to display the Clan Badge. 


Variations of the Clan Badge of a Member of Clan MacNicol