Plants and Wildlife

The Clan is very concerned with preserving and restoring the land at Ben Chracaig to its natural state and provide an area of beauty for all to enjoy.  Several efforts have been made to plant trees which were once abundant on the isle. Some trees have done well, but many were lost in the first planting.

Several years ago, the Clan commissioned a botanist to survey the Ben Chracaig Estate and provide an inventory of the plant life found.  We hope to provide a detail version of that report in the future.  Until then, see the links provided to see some of the wonderful plant life that has come back since the estate was gated and the sheep no longer have access.

In addition to the beautiful plantlife and breathtaking landscapes, is the wildlife on the Isle of Skye.  The isle is home to White Tail Sea Eagles, hawks, falcons, sea birds of many varieties, otters and many other species.